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  2. Twin Purities—Bamboo and Plum Blossom Paintings at Suzhou Museum | China Online Museum
  3. A garden bathing in reflected glory

Studio TonTon has continued to develop its unique style since its founding by Antony and Ferry in It manages to hone in on this by continuing to use white walls, tunnels and pebbles. As such, they use electricity, water and other utilities as efficiently as possible," says Herry, who is the exhibition's curator. Herry points out that Studio TonTon's architectural touch started off from its office in Tangerang's Serpong area.

The staff offices for the architects, the three Snow Rooms or meeting rooms, as well as the design room and the 'bird house,' or outhouse, are not only geared to give this effect, but also to give an impression of airiness and light, qualities that define our architecture.

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Videos of the office and Antony's home by the photographer Davy Linggar evidence this. Featuring the tranquil sounds of water coursing through bamboo and wind sighing through the trees, the videos are juxtaposed with the architect's designs, namely elongated, cocoon-like airy structures.

The structures shown include Antony's own house, with a raised pavilion serving as a family room. Its elevated position and location manage to accentuate a sense of intimacy and privacy. The Y-shaped platform, twig-like in shape, evokes a sense of strength from its natural structure, while its stilted shape is a nod to the raised platform houses of Kalimantan and West Sumatra.

The exhibition also showcases a number of other upcoming designs for private residences and clubs currently in the works. Serpong, Sentul in Bogor, and Bukit Pandawa in Bali's highlands are all new locations, with Studio TonTon's projects being built on 1, to 2, square meters of land, in a way designed to make the most of the open air and space.

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Personal belongings are scattered in the shadow of the Sepulveda Dam, pictured here in the background. During heavy rains, homeless campers in the area have only minutes to clear out before flood waters overtake the area.

Twin Purities—Bamboo and Plum Blossom Paintings at Suzhou Museum | China Online Museum

Clancy, 57, recalls losing everything in just a few minutes when the Sepulveda flood basin filled with water during heavy rains. After the last storm, he salvaged what he could and moved to higher ground, closer to the roadway. But harsh, wet winters like this one aggravate the serious environmental, biological and logistical side-effects of human habitation, and illuminate the failures of a convoluted patchwork of local and federal agencies responsible for the site.

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Police and residents tend to stay out of the small valley of trees and perennial grasses, say inhabitants, and encampments are even less visible from Burbank Boulevard in the spring when tree cover shields their tarps and shopping carts from view. They had moved it to higher ground for the third time, and felt desperate.

Kline is a broad-shouldered Huntington Park native, who said he sought refuge in the basin over a year ago after moving around other Los Angeles encampments every few days for six years.

A garden bathing in reflected glory

The Dam itself was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in as part of a massive civic response to the flood in Los Angeles that killed more than people. According to statements released by the Corps of Engineers during heavy rainfall, the doors remain open as normal as a bout of rain begins, allowing water to pass through. It creates a sprawling sea of wet debris and garbage, from overturned shopping carts to clothes and TVs and car parts.

Whether they are stolen or dumped by passerby, it all runs into the L.

There are no bathrooms here. He said he lost his small construction business in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Although the basin is federally owned and managed by the Corps of Engineers, it is partially leased to the City of L.

He deploys outreach teams to encampments like the Basin. In February , the Corps pulled together those agencies along with homeless outreach groups to do its most recent site cleanup, said spokesperson Thomas Field. He speculated that another cleanup would take place in the fall. Based on that number, there is a severe shortage of shelters, transitional housing or permanent housing for homeless in the San Fernando Valley.

That shelter has around beds. The only local transitional housing site, on Lankershim Boulevard, has 60 spots.