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  2. The AI’s poetic creations are occasionally deep, and sometimes outright dumb.
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PDF The Creations of a Wordsmith

Then comes Edandu Palama And Kumbi Rajya in Scanning the pages of the latest collection, I found one exceptional creation. It is the 13th poem titled Hadavatha Nevathila.

Herein the reader comes across a sensory experience of a little son who walks to the school in the morning with his father. In the crowd moving about the Kandy Lake, he spots a young couple. The poetic persona sees the year old female searching all over the place for something that seems to have been lost. The persona is quite sensitively enraptured in a sense of inquisitive nature.

The AI’s poetic creations are occasionally deep, and sometimes outright dumb.

An old man discloses the truth. The old man had been observing and overhearing a verbal dispute that ensued between the young couple.

Baby Einstein Baby Wordsworth- Part 1

It culminated in throwing away of an object to the lake. But in a statement given as the background experience, the poet says that it is a ring which he saw while walking with his father.

The Wordsmith: An Author for Autumn

The poetic experience contains a supreme economy of words in the best sensitive manner. The young poet tries to amalgamate the nature with the happenings of the human nature, in the day to day life. One good example is the poem titled as Avasara Nogath Kandulu. The lines of the poem go as follows:. The brevity in the poetic form and the sensitive twist in the expression are the crucial signs in the creative effort. As such, some poems resemble the briefest form running to two to three or four lines with a single thought stream.

One such example is titled as De Kelevara or Two Ends. Some poetic visions as I see them become closer to an undertone of sarcasm. One example is the poem titled Peravadana Foreword. The poetic persona enters a bookshop in the grand book festival. People he listens to talk about books and other commodities. Some others on the greatness of art and culture. They go on debating on the ways of composing poems and the attempt to get something written by professors.

But the question remains whether they are discussing anything close to their hearts or are they discussing anything intimately? There are poems that come closer to the three-lined Haiku. I dare not say that the young poet is inspired by Haiku, but may it be said that he may have read them perhaps in translated form. One example is the 41st poem.

The two lines go as follows:.