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I mean completely another level live! They have a very humble view of themselves and do not take themselves as seriously as their fans do. They take their art seriously, and thus they have lots of fun on stage and it carries over to the audience. What these guys do on their instruments should not be possible. Besides having astounding playing ability, these guys have great showmanship, introducing each song with a funny anecdote that inspired it.

Best musicians and best audiences made it the best! Truely, they are the most talented musicains I have ever known in my entire life. Kick ASS! Just perfect. I really wanted to see Mr Guthrie Govan as I play guitar for 10 years now. But I really was mindblown bu Marco. The Aristocrats are just the best of the best. See all videos 1. See all photos 4.

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Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Sign up as an artist. Kassel Your artists Popular artists. They wouldn't take this joke from me, not with my persona.

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I'd have to sanitise it so much, it wouldn't be funny any more. What's interesting is that the joke doesn't exist until someone tells it. You've got the opening line and the closing line, and the rest is up to you. It's a wonderful basis for a film. The variations Paul chose to show - the ventriloquist, the mime, it was terrific.

And Gilbert Gottfied at the end of the film was wonderful.

Innerviews: The Aristocrats - Breaking the fourth wall

And then he decides that the Aristocrats joke is how to recover the situation. I'm sure his fellow comedians in the crowd were going: he's not going to do it, surely. And then he just hammers it home superbly. Talk about guts and survival. I did feel a bit sick when I heard it - but maybe that was my hangover. There were a couple of bits that jolted me into realising what they were actually talking about - incest and vomit.

The more graphic descriptions of incest shocked me. I wouldn't like my mum and dad to see it. The horrible thing is that it might be a big hit with teenage boys, because it is the filthiest thing ever. I hope that's not the only audience who finds it. It was also nice hearing Whoopi Goldberg swear again. All the mainstream acts were really getting into it.

I was surprised that they were prepared to do it, that they weren't terrified that US audiences would turn against them. I'd have been paranoid that I was the only one saying these things and that my career would be over. As a comic, it's fascinating.

The Aristocrats Culture Clash Live

People don't think about comedy as a craft. Nobody realises that there's work involved in writing jokes. To watch a film that spends an hour and a half analysing one joke sounds excruciating, but that's what I do every day. I wouldn't describe this as a date movie. It's never going to be called a family romp.

But for students of psychology or of the darker recesses of the human mind, it's just the ticket. For myself, I did find the scatology a bit wearing. There was too much wallowing in shit. But luckily, after the poo, the incest comes along and brightens the mood. This film does not help my ongoing effort to portray comedians as normal human beings, as opposed to freaks.

It's put that effort back by 10 or 15 years. But if you ever hang out with firemen or doctors, you'll know that there's a tendency for them too to be dark in their shared humour. Now obviously the deaths we deal with in comedy are more figurative, but when we get together, we can be pretty dark too. It was a completely fascinating film. It's just comedians talking about what they do, about how they construct and deliver a particular joke. And when you get comedians telling jokes to other comedians, all the stops come out and it gets really filthy.

The Aristocrats Sketch

I would be concerned if people were to get upset by it. But as soon as you talk about incest and shitting, you'll always get some loonies up in arms. The Crocodile Presents:. Event description. Read more Read less. About this Event The Aristocrats Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann have released critically acclaimed albums, toured the world, and established themselves as one of the most musically original, refreshingly irreverent, and astoundingly entertaining instrumental rock-fusion acts on the planet.

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