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The fallen tree was not wide enough for them to pass each other, and they were too proud and stubborn to let the other one go. They readied their horns and charged at each other over and over with much force. Soon, the tree broke and both goats fell into the creek. Being stubborn will not take you far.

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If you value your pride over everything else, you will suffer. One day, two thieves entered his house while his master was out and tried to push him into a sack. He cried for help and suddenly the dogs who lived on his street came and bit the thieves who dropped the sack with Pepsi and ran away. Pepsi learned his lesson and became friends with the dogs on his street.

One must never discriminate against others based on their status or the things they own. Friendships are important. Sheru the lion liked to scare everyone by roaring as loud as he could with no warning.


Soon, everyone in the forest became miserable with his roaring and stopped playing with him. One day he convinced Rinku to play catch with him. As the game got more intense, Rinku passed the ball hard just as Sheru began to roar. The ball got stuck in his throat and the entire forest had to help him remove it. Sheru swore never to roar unnecessarily again. One must not annoy the people around them just because it entertains us. Mamboo was a lazy donkey and would always try to get out of the work his master the washerman gave him. One day, he ran away from the house just as the washerman started to look for him.

As he slept in the farm, a huge dust storm began. Afraid, Mamboo decided to go home. He was also afraid that the washerman would give him a beating.

But the washerman was just happy that Mamboo was safe. Mamboo was ashamed of himself and decided to never be lazy again. An evil snake would steal the eggs of a crow couple when they would go out to hunt. Worried and heartbroken they asked the fox to help them. The guards killed the snake and took away the necklace. Anyone who does evil will have a similar fate lying in wait for them.

Seeing his plight, the saint changed the mouse into a dog. Seeing this, the saint changed the dog into a lion. The saint immediately changed the lion back into a mouse and told him to never come back. Asha was going out and instructed her maid to close the door if she was going to do any work outside. After a while the maid went out without closing the door. He saw another goat in the mirror and charged at it and destroyed the mirror.

Asha came home to see the destroyed mirror and fired her maid immediately.

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The stranger waited for Nasir to lose the cow and then stole it. Nasir went home crying where his father was displeased with him. Reading moral stories also enhances verbal proficiency and encourages creativity. Get your hands on the activity box for kids which contain classic moral stories and impart good values to your kids through fun tales. FirstCry Parenting. Toe Walking in Children. July 10, Aditi Mathur - November 28, Most parents I know struggle with limiting screen time for their kids.

Babies and toddlers can get addicted to television screens because of the The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. One afternoon, during a town fair, a group of mischievous babies crawls away from their families.

It is up to one little boy to save the day. Rhyming verse, accompanied by eye-catching black silhouette illustrations, draws the reader into this hilarious caper. Help your emerging reader make progress over the summer break with highly amusing and fun books like this one.

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  • A cumulative folk song in which the solution proves worse than the predicament when an old lady swallows a fly. Audrey Wood has created a hilarious read aloud. Children of all ages can relate to the fact that King Bidgood is having so much fun in his bathtub that he does not want to get out!

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    Yet, who will run the kingdom? On the way to school, the dot for the lowercase i disappears.

    Top 10 Hindi Stories for Kids Collection Vol.2 - Infobells

    Throughout the story, the author cleverly weaves information about the alphabet letters — their order, their correct positions, and their sounds. The lively illustrations call attention to both upper- and lowercase letters. Find Alphabet Adventure at your local library. Trixie and her inseparable Knuffle Bunny accompany Daddy to their neighborhood laundromat to do the family wash. Books that encourage a child to interact with the text are the perfect way to foster a love of reading. In Monkey and Me, a little girl and her toy monkey love to imitate animals.

    The book employs a rhyming refrain and charming illustrations that encourage the reader to play along.

    Stories classified by values

    Start by reading Monkey and Me together and be amazed when you see your child reading it alone again and again. Find Monkey and Me at your local library. Are you looking for a hilarious alphabet book chock full of the antics of 26 monkeys? Find out what happens when a family of monkeys is left home alone. If you think they act like typical siblings, you are right.

    Will Mom and Dad come home to their chimps, tucked away in bed, or will the mischievous monkeys make a mess instead? Find Naughty Little Monkeys at your local library.

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    Starting with page one and steaming right on through the entire tale to the last delicious delightful sentence, DeFelice has the structure and rhythm of folkloric language down pat. Find One Potato, Two Potato at your local library. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just turn out the opposite of what you intended: milk gets spilled, paint projects get messy and teachers get angry.

    This is the kind of day that Nate is having.

    7 Unusual Animal Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

    But all is not what it seems. Find The Opposite at your local library. They want to wear wild and colorful boots and fuzzy slippers — or nothing at all! They want to wade in pond water, tap dance and discover puddles. A fun book for young children at that age where sitting still is a real effort. Knopf, 40 pages. Great, active illustrations help support the funny narrative. One of my favorite parts is when Walter talks about how much he helps out around the house when he is actually making a big mess and frustrating his owners.

    Readers will chuckle over the thin sheep, the wide sheep, the swing sheep and the slide sheep; the car sheep, the train sheep, the sun sheep and the rain sheep as they search for the elusive green sheep. Simple illustrations and perfect predictable text combine to make an ideal bedtime story with the requisite snuggly ending.

    Along with entertaining information about backhoe work comes onomatopoeia, alliteration and even some counting. This photo essay tells the true story of Tatqiq and Kalluk, a pair of 3-month-old orphaned polar bears, who were found in Alaska and brought to the San Diego Zoo to be raised. Engaging photos follow the cubs from their initial quarantine to their eventual introduction to their outdoor habitat and delighted zoo visitors. The author provides two sets of text, one consisting of simple sentences in large type for beginning readers and another in smaller type for older readers providing more extensive technical information.

    Join David and his friend Georgie as they learn karate. Photographs take you through each part of their class, from warm-up to sparring.