Manual Invisible No More: The Secret Lives of Women Over 50

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I am a southern woman living in Vancouver BC. Your article really spoke directly to me. A little bit of Mardi Gras in my dressing everyday while blogging fancified. Invisibility be GONE! Find me at my blog or the Instagram account to join the conversation. I dance in light up shoes at the gym or in the middle of a busy airport and I swear, no one sees me. I can do just about anything crazy and no one will notice. So all I can say is BOO to them….

Life is short! Let your light shine! Yeah, I have noticed that waiters men seem annoyed with older people. I recently felt that way at a very expensive restaurant in Berkeley. I have had grey hair since my twenties and when I went out with my friends the waiters spent more time looking at them before he got to me.

Invisible No More: Spotlight on the Once Silent MMIW Crisis

Who cares. If people find it funny that we are invisible I would prefer not to be in their company. I am making direct eye contact with anyone I have contact with in business, restaurants etc. It brings a different response when people see I am directing my attention to them. So try that. People age in different ways, such as how we look, how we function, both mentally and and physically.

I am now 83, but look younger. I am mentally alert, but my ability to express myself has changed as I often am looking for a word, a name, etc which slows down communication and probably tries the patience of those younger who are still better communicators. I have friends 15 to 20 years younger and grandchildren who fill my need for more youth in my life.

Renee Fisher

I have friends my age and older who like to remain involved with life, people and activities. Growing older with grace involves accepting any impediment that begins to show up. It involves learning to love the stage you are in as part of a full life.

Age may spend more time alone, but if you have learned to be your own good friend you can still feel alive and involved. Keep learning and feeling a sense of awe over this blessed, sacred gift called life. Hi there! I dress with some flair and have platinum hair, so stand out when I want to, generally. It frees me to see, instead of focusing on being seen.

I learn a lot that way about other people. Also, Sylvia — maybe this is a good time in your life to start building female friendships.

A Valentine For POTUS

I love them! Other women are a huge support in traversing this rocky terrain of aging while female in America. Another thing, I no longer place myself in situations where I am likely to be ignored. I know in advance places and groups where I am likely to feel invisible. To be invisible is to be alone and, perhaps, lonely. We all need to be able to relate to people who share things similar to our experiences and situation. One is free to force oneself on any group of people one wants, but there sometimes comes a rude awakening, which hurts.

See a Problem?

I once had a conversation with a twenty-five-year-old in which caused me to mention a television show that was on well-before she was even born, and she was quick to say that it had to be a show that preceded her life on earth, which it was. She began the conversation, and then, looking into my face, stopped suddenly and changed the topic. Acceptance of our stage in life is a point of achieving a certain degree of peace.

Having no other choice, we should be about embracing our age and being wise.

Old age is not the time to become foolish because we wish things were other than what they are, so we try to force them to be what they are not. While some subjects are certainly more relatable for similarly aged women, surely there is more to relate to another woman about than menstrual products and t. When I was younger I thrived on my relationships to older women, and still thrive on relationships to women older than myself. Indeed I enjoy relating to people of all walks of life. Certainly you are not obliged to, but there is a vast array of topics and human conditions to talk about with our fellow humans.

Where older women are most invisible is in the world of the media.

NEW - Invisible No More: The Secret Lives of Women Over 50 | eBay

Just like Blacks recognized their beauty when Black is Beautiful was radiated back to them — we older women need to see naturally aging role models in the media, film, ads, etc. Truth is men are allowed to age; women are not. We now remember with fondness that construction workers used to give us wolf-whistles. We thought it obnoxious then.

We miss it now. Women like us drag ourselves to the gym, where we get to compete with somethings for parking spaces and treadmills. We take yoga and pilates, go on diets, run marathons, go on diets, dye our hair, go on diets, get contact lenses, go on diets We care. A lot. Since one of the three of us is married, this is a touchy subject. The answer is, just let a healthy, willing, attractive male show up in our vicinity and we will be ready, if not for the sexual antics of our youths, than for the joy of physical affection and occasional modified romps as befitting our aging bodies.

Or, if even two out of three of those categories show up, we will be ready. Menopause is terrible and debilitating. It ruins our lives. It is the worst thing that has ever been invented in the history of the universe. It is worse than diet ice cream. OK, now that we have acknowledged that, can we please move on? We three have five laptops, three smart phones and two iPads among us. We have almost outgrown email, in favor of texting. We are Facebooking and Twittering.

We may have grown up in the Stone Age, but we have managed to survive into the computer age. Women over 50 miss their children and only want to be with their grandchildren.

Feeling Invisible!

We love and adore our children. We love and adore our grandchildren.

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But seriously, we can love them and still want a life.