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  2. Frisking The Famous (The Flippant Manwhore #3) by Dick Powers | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®
  3. Frisking The Famous (The Flippant Manwhore #3)
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First, no more interviews by "tough" news outlets like Fox.

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Speaking of the latter, President Lemon gave just such an interview to them the other day. In it, he fell back to the absolutely lame tactic of blaming Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for "making things seems worse than they are. Awwww, poor baby. Just imagine how a Republican president feels when he has to deal with every other media outlet criticizing him. He said that the media is "overstating" the threat of terrorism because of "if it bleeds, it leads. How police are "looking to kill black people? Also make note of how Obama described the shooting at that kosher deli in Paris -- how Islamic zealots minus the "Islamic," natch "randomly shot a bunch of folks in a deli.

Except that it wasn't randomly. They specifically targeted the deli because it was kosher. As in Jewish. Y'know, the folks radical Islamists hate.

Frisking The Famous (The Flippant Manwhore #3) by Dick Powers | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Despite the utter insanity of all this, part of me hopes he continues since it'll make it that much better for the GOP presidential candidates come next November. Only to pen absolutely insane stuff like this , apparently:. The theory, as relayed by Zirin, is that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll called a pass because he wanted the young, clean-cut quarterback Russell Wilson to be seen as the game-winner, not the renegade running back Marshawn Lynch.

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The only source for this theory is a disgruntled anonymous figure in the Seahawks locker room. Except, of course, the 'Hawks did give the ball to Lynch -- on first down.

He punched his way to the one yard line. But if the situation was reversed and Obama had remarked that Mitt "had done a great job of getting out the vote in Kansas and Texas," think Mitt would have thought "in other words, black people"? Here's our 'ol pal Ron Marz showing how he dialogues with folks who hold an opposing viewpoint:. Delightful to see the people complaining about FreeCommunityCollege are those most sorely in need of an education. Urgh, just heard about the attacks. And that's her only tweet about it at present. Good thing it wasn't some right-leaning anti-government type who did it, or worse -- a cop who shot an unarmed African-American.

Then, her feed would be flooded with tweets! White terrorists are 'mentally ill', while brown terrorists are 'Islamic assassins. Talk about your ever-lovin' straw man to take down oh-so easily! First, who the hell ever blames the entire black race for the actions of a black shooter? And who but the most outlandish extremists on the other side blame all Muslims for radical Islamist attacks?

But here's what Tom and his buddies do: For the actions of a lunatic who shoots up something related to government, they hurry to blame the most remote of ancillary evidence on 1 conservatives, 2 Republicans, 3 the Tea Party, 4 Rush Limbaugh, and 5 the Tea Party again.

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Don't believe me? Just check out their Twitter accounts whenever such an event hits the news. That, and there is ample past evidence archived here at Colossus, not to mention at Avi's and Doug's. Speaking of which, here's some from a fairly recent post , courtesy of Kurt Busiek:.

Notice it's not "Hey, c'mon, all politicians use such imagery so let's stop the nonsense," it's an immediate and stupid repetition of what the MSM was yammering about at the time. Louis chain of Family Dollar stores is under fire for posting signs that read "Please remove all hoods before entering Family Dollar. The fact that the signs went up after several robberies does't matter. The fact that without hoods on, security cameras can better ID perpetrators doesn't matter.

That's not right. It shouldn't matter that you're going in there with your hood on. If you're not stealing, and you're buying, purchasing something, what's the problem? That shouldn't be an issue," said one resident.

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More here. Of course, as we've all learned the very hard way, nothing that comes out of these dopes' mouths should be taken as truth. Pew Research notes that a mere "40 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling race relations. Hey, remember how these dolts' Twitter feeds were all a-flutter after Michael Brown's and Trayvon Martin's shootings? And how self-righteous they all were about how incorrigibly racist and hateful society still is? And how anyone who disagreed with them was racist, stupid, hateful, extreme, etc.?

For example, here's Kurt Busiek back on the 19th parroting a John Scalzi tweet about supposed Ferguson grand jury shenanigans:.

July 28, 2016

What's even more pathetic about Busiek is that he was one of those who "wondered" if Sarah Palin's "target" language was partly responsible for the shooting of Gabby Giffords:. That, of course, disregards the fact the practically every politician uses such imagery. Nevertheless, there's been nary a word from Kurt about actual language of calling for the death of police. But, of course! As for Gail Simone, look -- here's a retweet by her about Dick Cheney and torture!

She also retweeted this and this about that big protest at the Mall of America. Tom Brevoort was similarly still concerned about that "torture" report with this retweet. Ultra-bat Gerry Conway offered nothing about the police over the weekend, yet retweeted this ridiculous nonsense:. Winnie finds herself in a completely new world, and this new world is a brutal bitch.

Frisking The Famous (The Flippant Manwhore #3)

In this new life of hers, her husband is gone. Then, the last thing that could make it all bearable, her running, is ripped out from under her, too. But Steel Cross never asks her what she wants. After all, he was once one himself. Down to the very bottom of his soul.

Frisking The Famous (The Flippant Manwhore #3)

Sometimes he just wants to be bad. And Winnie makes him realize that being bad is still kind of good. Yet, I wanted to give one…to Steel. Jesus Christ, did I want to give him one.

tromidcabima.gq The man turned me on in ways that I had no clue I could be turned on by, yet here I was, wondering what it would feel like to give the man a blow job. My first stop had been Cosmopolitan! Maintain eye contact. Tie your hair back, it shows your dedication. Allow him to put his hand in your hair and control the movements. That, I could do! In fact, the idea of Steel putting his hands in my hair and controlling all of the movement was downright arousing. Use your hand as well as your mouth. Twist it side to side lightly as you pump and suck him. Okay, pump, suck, and twist.

I shivered at the thought. Though, I had to get in his bed first…. That thought made me shiver. Would Steel like me on my knees? I sure the hell hoped so. Then again, I was doing good with my rehab…he still might have to help me back up. I winced. Suck his balls. Suck his balls? How the hell did I put those in my mouth?

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Go slow. Well, that was self-explanatory. We like it when you gag. Did they? What if I accidentally threw up? That would completely ruin the mood. I squeaked and jumped as Steel came out of the bathroom. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple a couple also meaning over twenty chickens. Lani is married with three children, and lives in the Great State of Texas.

Series: Fifty Shades as Told by Christian 2.