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Date Palm Biotechnology - PDF Free Download

Radiation induced mutations for date palm improvement. Magnetic field induced biochemical and growth changes in date palm seedlings. Date palm germplasm. In vitro conservation of date palm germplasm. Molecular markers in date palm. Biodiversity in date palm: molecular markers as indicators. Polymorphism and genetic relationship in date palm using molecular markers. Date palm genome project at the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Potential of arbuscular mycorrhizal technology in date palm production. Date palm genetics and breeding.

Date Palm Biotechnology

Development of new Moroccan selected date palm varieties resistant to Bayoud. Molecular markers for Bayoud disease resistance in date palm. Towards sex determination of date palm. Furthermore, tissue-culture-derived plants have been successfully established on soil with 15 g l -1 salinity.

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  • Date palm ( Phoenix dactylifera L.) biotechnology: a mini-review.

Thus, if Bayoud-resistant genotypes are obtained, a land reclamation process can be seriously considered. Agricultural Biotechnology in International Development. Conference abstracts. Conference abstracts Search again. Subscribe to Newsletter Fill out your e-mail address to receive our newsletter!

Date Palm Biotechnology Protocols Volume II

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My Bibliography Add to Bibliography. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Create File. BMC Genomics. Images from this publication.

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Date Palm Cultivation - Date Farming in Bangladesh - A successful story

A genetic map of date palm. The consensus genetic map of a cross between Khalas female and 4 different male parents.

Linkage groups were sorted by size and marker types were assigned colors. Red: heterozygous in female parent and homozygous in male parent; Green: heterozygous in both parents; Blue: heterozygous in the male parent and homozygous in the female parent; Purple: markers selected as linked to gender.

A first genetic map of date palm Phoenix dactylifera reveals long-range genome structure conservation in the palms. Figure 2. Date palm genetic map Inter-marker distance plot. The distance between adjacent markers on the genetic map were plotted as a histogram. This is likely due to bias of the method for certain gene dense regions as it relies on alignment to a reference sequence assembled from short read alignments. Figure 3. Comparison of centimorgan lengths of linkage groups to physically measured date palm chromosomes.


We plotted their reported lengths and the centimorgan based lengths of linkage groups reported in this study for the Khalas cultivar.